Hi - so what are we about?

The name says it all and, over the years, we've largely played FarCry and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We were established in May 2007 and have evolved from a social group, who enjoyed some banter, to being one of the most social clans. We've also participated and won tournaments through the years, but we don't always take clan-life too seriously.

Following the demise of COD4 we're in a bit of a lull at the moment, but you're still likely to catch us playing some COD, perhaps some Battlegrounds, LOL, CS:GO or Rocket League among other games.

Gamerz4Fun are not the largest clan and we never will be. If you want to be anonymous in a clan which doesn't care about its members, we aren't for you. We know that sometimes you need to visit family, look after the kids or just spend some time with the Mrs. Real life comes first and is far more important than being online 24/7.

G4F are ALWAYS recruiting so why not click here and apply?

Any questions? Just jump in game or TS and ask :0)

LaZzY - G4F Clan Leader