We were established in May 2007, originally playing FarCry. Since then, we have diversified but our core aims and beliefs remain in tact. We exist primarily for fun and the majority of our members have numerous commitments outside of the clan – we understand that your personal life comes first, and we will not kick you out if you are not online 24/7!

 The clan revolves around member interaction and expect to see our members playing an active role within our forums, TeamSpeak 3 and our game servers. We are currently most active in Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 3.

 Our structure is simple, we don't have ranks nor do we expect the whole “yes Sir, no sir, three bags full sir” approach. We actively encourage ideas and suggestions from our members, and understand that those members who hold position may not know best.

 We are well known within the COD4 and FarCry communities - renowned for our fair play attitude and friendly banter in-game. Our connections ensure that we are able to organise fun matches easily and also aim to play competitively.

 If you are interested in joining, either post on our forums to say hello or hit the "Join G4F" link in the top bar.

-G4F- Lazzy