The beginnings of the clan were forced upon it's future members. Before the set-up of the clan, all of the original members were in Game Connectors ~G|C~ a clan run in connection with a server hosting company. The relationship ensured the best servers for the players, but the admin rights were not shared with the clan members, nor was the leader present.


In early 2007, the Game Connectors clan website was hacked - the site content and admin access being removed from the clan leader. All content was reinstated from backup and the site restored along with a pleasant message for the hacker. Another couple of days later, the same hacker took down the site again! This time around, the members were unable to get a response from the clan leader leaving us without direction, website or forums.


I remember speaking to Nightkiller at the time who suggested that we setup a free temporary forum, somewhere away from the main site where we could ride out the storm. Nighty did all the hard work and we were all relieved to get a site that was safe and secure. Over the next couple of weeks, it became obvious that our clan leader had deserted us, however, for Nighty and I this opened an opportunity. We began chatting regularly about what we would need to have our own clan, whether it was sustainable, the work that would need to be done and whether our fellow GC clanmates would follow us. All the info was gathered and I remember sending Nighty an email (whilst I was at work), which read "shall we go for it?".

The following weeks went by very quickly, arranging server and web hosting, domain names, purchasing a teamspeak, building a website and getting the members together. We were extremely lucky because we had, and still largely have, a great core of members who have stood by the clan through thick and thin. All of the GC members bar a few followed us and G4F was born on 15th May 2007.



We knew that FarCry would be our main game but some of were also playing CounterStrike Source. We were also anticipating Crysis which was being heavily hyped and was due for release that autumn.


Personally, I cannot thank Nighty enough nor those members who came with us.