Stockport 2013: 8th-11th August

So after a few months of planning, chasing and general excitement - Boosh and Lazzy set off to Manchester to meet fellow core member in preparation for the 1st Stockport LAN. We'd hired a great venue with two buildings - one for sleeping and the other for gaming....


We arrived to a hug from Turd and went back to his (via the supermarket where Turd loaded up with 54 cans, 6 bottles of wine, a bottle of whisky and four tubes of pringles) to meet Kermitt (over from the Netherlands), Rappy and Turd's long suffering Mrs. Lentil curry was enjoyed and we kicked off the drinking in preparation for the weekend, finally getting some sleep around 3am.

More to follow............

Group Photo

Back Row (left to right): Turd, Havoc, Wadders, Lazzy, Andy, GeordieGod (HC), Geordie (HC), Gruesome (ESF), Perj (HC), Roon (ESF)

Front Row (left to right): Hoohaa, TommyGunn, Caesium, Sirus (HC), Twigg, Raptor, Pred, Redant, Judge (HC), Templar, Retify (ESF) & Kermitt

Far left (miserable, not wanting to get involved): Boosh


Pissed Photos

Lazzy, Turd, Rappy, Lara (TAW) & Wadders

Lara & Boosh

Lara & Redant