General Details

Real Name: Dick
Date of Birth: Just forgot :) ... shows I am old?..come on then:47 !!
Gender: Male
Home Town: Amsterdam, Netherlands


PC Details

Motherboard: Asus M5A99X Evolution
CPU: AMD Phenom ||X4 955
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6900 2Gb
Case: XPredator
Mouse: Logitech G7 (love of his life - added by Lazzy)
Keyboard Dell Keyboard
Headset EUR15 Headset which is still great after 5,5 years :)
When was it bought/put together? Any plans for upgrades?

Jan 2012 build



How did you get into online gaming?

Well this was a smooth introduction by my best friend Rub.

Gotta be honest, he did play FarCry singleplayer for fokking a year until I noticed that when we finished designing gardens and he started up a really nice game called FarCry. I was just spectating so bit noobish as I couldnt really get into it but was happy to watch Rub own the fokkers hehe. But yeah I had to join some levels and got the feeling that it was truly a great game! We kept playing deep into the night and I couldnt look normal the next day - like diafragma vision all time and looking round every corner to see whats happening or take cover lol ffs.(last part i noticed when a bit drunk in the pub lol )

From that period on I was kinda hooked must admit, the music was a strong addon to stay tuned.  Even during the day when I wasnt playing, not sure if the dutch greenstuff was responsible for that.  But ok, it was a total experience :) And then we noticed the multiplayer button ffs....!!!  Rub got a key and sorted his connection, same for me. I actually bought a new computer just to get the online gaming experience so we could get online into multiplayer the same time.

And quess what? We used Skype for comms in game looool, how primitive hehe, so as Rub was a pretty good player online he was noticed by Godz and asked after some time to join GC clan. Rub was willing and brought me in as well as we were a package deal :)

Spending hours and days in teamspeak (which was new for us) we got to meet the older clan members and friends, and found out this was a great group of players and great characters! Hilarious nights gaming and having fun in TS were a revelation for me - gaming at its best !!!

Getting to know the guys from the first hours and the friendly clans resumed in a couple of great years of FUN gaming, funwars, tournaments and were for me the highlights.

Unfortunally we came in a bit too late and most players left FC1 for crysis, Quake and many other games while we were still into FarCry1, and must say to the very end as it still didnt die!! (For those of you who don't know, Screenie will be turning off the Ubisoft servers when  they finally pull the plug)

Overall meeting the clanmembers and new friends as we progressed was really nice and ended in some cool lanparties and meetings (suddenly ya friends have a face lol instead of voice in TS ) was epic getting that clear :)

What is/was your favourite game and what are you looking forward to?

Of course playing FC1 without most of our friends had to result me in trying other games, Black Ops didnt work for me as my computer couldnt handle the game, FarCry 2 I left unopened in the box so had to make a move and finally bought a proper machine.

Got it last January and with my grahics card came BF3. I gave that a try but wasnt really my game and it didnt really bring most of the clan as they were mostly in COD4.

Even FC3, which I hoped would bring the old community alive again, turned out to be a joke from Ubisoft - what a mistake they made with the multiplayer!!!




What do you do when not gaming?

My proffession is design and creating, mostly gardens,exteriors and interiors. As for my private life just ask me in TS :)

Anything else? Good FUN to be in G4F, a life changing experience !!