Lazzy: Hello..

Odie: Hello!

Lazzy: So Odie, when did you get into gaming - how did it all start for you?

Odie: Well, i think it was about 5 /6 year back, didn't have a loot of money, had a nice computer and heard of some friends doing it so, wanted to get to know it.

Lazzy: What game was that initially?

Odie: Very surprisingly Battlefield 2(!)

Lazzy: Was it all Battlefield 2 before you joined G4F?

Odie: No not really, . . . entered then a clan called the Dutch Fight Club, there was some trouble between two groups which then split and they were thinking about closing BF2 and at that point i couldn't afford to buy a new game, and the DFC was thinking about going to COD4 so after talking they kicked me out because the leader thought i wanted to join the other group, but that wasn't my official thinking! But then i got an offer from the other group!

Lazzy: lol by coincidence...

Odie: A few friends of mine did leave to join them, they offered me COD4 to join them. So that sounded fair and i went . . . <Odie's phone rings . . > so yeah, I moved over and started played CODMW2 and kinda got in trouble again!

Lazzy: So you're a trouble maker.....

Odie: Am I?!

Lazzy: I dunno - you tell me! Maybe you didn't find the right fit til now!

Odie: True.


Lazzy: How did you find us, and how long have you been a member?

Odie: Well, I met you guys at the LAN party in Leeuwarden last year in April. I knew Nightmare's gf and she asked that I help with technical support at the LAN party, which was kinda funny and I said yes. It took me a few months to join so I think I've been around for about a year.


Lazzy: How would you describe your role in G4F?

Odie: At this point i have admin and am a site admin, but I don't see myself as a high profile member - just a regular member with some extra time who is keen to help out.

Lazzy: ... with some website skills...

Odie: Well, to be honest, our website helped to increase our skills.


Lazzy: What makes G4F different to other clans you've been in?

Odie: At first, i don't have to pay for it! What I do think, is that G4F likes the older games - COD4 still being popular and I'm used to being fully up-to-date - BF3, MW3 and all that other stuff. This clan is also European, my previous clans being Dutch only.


Lazzy: Who are your favourite G4F members and why?

Odie: Erm... the people i hang out with most, so you, Boosh (because she wants to drive my dad's car), Hamman, Preddy, Turdy and, last but not least, Redant. I dont see him much but he has technical skills I can relate and talk to.

Lazzy: Thats cool - not one or two, but plenty of people!

Odie: Yeah, I don't really do favourites - I'm just a social person.


Lazzy: What's your best gaming memory?

Odie: 2 things. 1 thing is already on the website - the achievement of getting into a server and getting enough time to shoot my name on the wall. And the other one was back in my days in DFC when we had tactical BF2 wars in clanbase - that was something special. I really enjoy the tactical side of the game, which isn't needed as much in COD4. COD4 is a little unrealistic with the hopping people - I'd like to see that in BF3 with a tank in front of them!


Lazzy: Is there anybody that you have or still admired in the gaming community and what have they given to you?

Odie: I think that would be nohands - he is the leader of the DFC and, although we had difference of opinions, we still talked from time to time and I still respect him. When I join their servers he still asks how I am doing, and we're still OK <Odie's phone rings again...... Odie goes to get his phone>.


Lazzy: If we could recruit anyone who isn't already a member of G4F, who would it be and why?

Odie: Hard one... that's really a hard one..... let me have a look <I'm guessing he's working through the xfire list?>. Oooh, I do have a name for you - Zommaardan. He was a guy I met at DFC and he was in many ways inspiring and helping out, and we're still friends. We live worlds apart and I still talk to him. He is more intelligent than he lets out! Another name is Necrophagus - he was also in DFC and that guy was just way weird... but also very smart. His jokes are practically more harmful than most of our clan make and reaches to the acceptable borders! In lifestyle he's no difference - he isn't that good looking but has a gorgeous girlfriend! All day he's in three piece suits, but on the weekend he has ripped jeans and shirts - complete opposite. They have made a big difference to my gaming life.


Lazzy: Tell us about your current gaming rig.

Odie: What can i say - it's up to date. It's not done yet but.... Thermaltake R+ Case with plexi-glass side window, 4 x 500gb Hard Drives, Watercooling system, Asus A599X Evo motherboard, 8gb of RAM, and the thing that needs to be upgraded - my graphics card - ATI HD 4890. I foggot one thing - an AMD FX Bulldozer 6 core at 3 Ghz.

Lazzy: and the stuff you actually use - keyboard, mouse, headset?

Odie: Erm.. I have a regular keyboard but i have a Belkin Speedpad for gaming, I have the FPS gun as a mouse. My normal mouse is a G5. I also have 2 x 22inch screens.

Lazzy: So safe to say you're pretty well rigged...

Odie: Yeah, but I also use it for building websites.


Lazzy: So the next question is more personal - when you're not gaming, what do you like to do?

Odie: Off the record, that would be meeting women!

Lazzy: Nah, I think that'll be staying on the record!

Odie: Nooooo! Erm.... I have been working on .... <google translate in action> I'm working to setup my own business. The business is about helping people who use a PC but when it strikes out, they don't know what to do - in Dutch we say, they have their hands in their hair! I like to help them out so I repair stuff, I can sell stuff, maintain their PCs, I can cable everything - that kinda stuff and, last but not least, building and maintaining websites.


Lazzy: Obviously in the past you're worked for other people - did they know about your online life or persona?

Odie: Some did, some didn't. One colleague brought me to G4F and a few others were also gamers. At my last job, they all knew as I was building gaming rigs - rigs worth EUR 5,000 each! They even made me drool!


Lazzy: So what family do you have around, and what do they think about you playing?

Odie: Well, mostly I have both my parents and my sister, she has a daughter. My sister doesn't have an opinion about me gaming. My parents kinda think it's a waste of time, but they're OK with it - just hope that I don't waste too much time! My niece thinks it's way cool!She's almost 13 and one time I was playing COD4 and she was pressing buttons, threw a grenade and killed three people - she thinks its cool and wants a PC like mine!

Lazzy: She's got some saving to do then! Random things - tell us something that we don't know about you.

Odie: There's some stuff that I'd rather keep secret!! I have a really social life and sometimes I have time management problems. I have a weakness for women! And, I'm a person who has tried to get as much out of life as possible!


Lazzy: Finally, will you be providing me with a pic for your page?!

Odie: Erm.... of me?!?! One sec.... <minutes pass> You need a cool one?

Lazzy: It's your pic - you choose!

Odie: Is this good enough.....