General Details

Real Name: Sam
Date of Birth: 20th June 1988
Gender: Male
Home Town: Tiptoe, Hampshire, United Kingdom


PC Details

Operating System: Windows Vista Business (32 bit)
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core (E5200) @ 2.50 GHz
RAM: 2Gb
Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
Mouse: Gigabyte GM Optical (wired)
Headset Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000


Connection Info



Gaming History:

I guess my first game experience (see what I did there?) was an Atari 3000, can't remember how old I was, young, shit I don't know lets say 10, not like anyone's going to contradict me.

The first time I started online gaming was good old Call Of Duty (1). My first clan was [SNAFU] and I continued with them up untill Call Of Duty 2, where things fell apart a bit. I spent quite a while playing Guild Wars somewhere around this point which explains the gap lol. I then joined a little clan called |SMART|, which whilst I was there, played predominantly Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. |SMART| went on to win the Eurodom league and others before splitting into {AFI} and SG. I joined {AFI} for a while untill the founding members went and got jobs/married/died etc, where upon I left and drifted for a bit playing more guild wars. Finally I got bored and booted CoD4 back up and after a while discovered G4F.

Due to my incredibly shit memory I can't remember when I joined/who recruited me (no one will own up to it so I guess I'll never know :p ).

* I went to university at some point amongst this, which is why I probably had to drop out. Derp.


Gaming Strengths:

An unparalleled use of grenades.





Gaming Weaknesses:

Everything else and my epic combination of a terrible PC & a shit internet connection. :p


My favourite games over the years include:

TOTAL ANNIHILATION, Command & Conquer: Red Alert/3, Starcraft, Call of Duty/UO/2/4:MW, Guild Wars, Football Manager (deserves a mention due to the embarresing amount of game time accumulated, although now I hate it lol), Mass Effect (Almost my favourite game ever, but then EA got their hands and ruined it) and of course the Half Life 2 saga.

Outside of Gaming  


I work as a Dental Nurse, looking to go into Dental Hygiene.



I try to go skiing as much as possible and I enjoy watching football/formula 1/AFL.



Almost love films as much as -G4F-Turd, have a wide range of DVD's including foreign cinema, dont want to get into talking about films too much, last time I was discussing films I ended up talking with Turd until 5am.



Enjoy quite a few TV programs, the drawback with TV being that all the ones not based on books turn shit in the end. Anyways a few of my favorites include: Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers/The Pacific, Archer, Entourage, House, Futurama, Sherlock, Dragonball/Z (Don't knock it till you've seen it assholes!).