General Details

Real Name: Nathan
Date of Birth: 12th December
Gender: Male
Home Town: Manchester, United Kingdom


PC Details

Motherboard: Something Asbo/Weasel swapped with me!
CPU: Something Asbo/Weasel swapped with me!
RAM: Something Asbo/Weasel swapped with me!
Graphics Card: XFX 8800 or something like that..
Case: Alien looking thing!
Mouse & Keyboard: ASDA Mouse+keyboard £15.99
When was it bought/put together? Any plans for upgrades?

Two years ago i believe in the cramped house of Northampton, it was a dark night at around 2.45 in the morning...Asbo and me sat drinking scrumpy jacks and strongbow.. whilst proceeding to throw stuff at eachother...he decided my pc was a bag of shit and agreed to trade his missus's system for mine ! made a difference too ! <3 I dont really plan to upgrade as im pretty much too busy to upgrade really



How did you get into online gaming?

I started off gaming when i was about 9 ? with the Nes :D started really young if im honest and ever since
it's all fascinated me haha then i evolved into all the upto date consoles and stuff which was pretty cool
since i'd never really playing anything with these amazing graphics :P.


What is/was your favourite game and what are you looking forward to?


My Favourite game to date i'd say would be CoD United Offensive, absolutely fucking immense game
literally no other game beats it in my eyes if you've played it you would understand thats how a game
should actually be! none of this modern type shit that we get given now. Black ops has come out and
seems a pretty decent game, also this farcry everyone seems to be making a fuss.. Have to save money #Payday.





What do you do when not gaming?

Outside of gaming for my work im a bike mechanic and i work at tesco's which isnt too bad really, my leisure is anything that involves adrenaline, skydiving, scuba diving, motorbikes, racing, and exploring the world really... [although ive never been out of the country yet ! :( ] my relaxation is riding my bike and going to see different sights around the UK, i have two brothers, one has a family with three kids and the other has a girlfriend which he now lives with.